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The Parish Church of Immanuel and St Andrew, Streatham

Registered Charity 1131245
452 Streatham High Road · London · SW16 3PY  ·  Tel: (020) 8679 6888

ABOUT US - More about Immanuel and St Andrew, its Ministry and Mission

A Parish Church

Immanuel and St Andrew (usually just called "Immanuel") is a Parish Church of the Church of England in the Diocese of Southwark, UK. It serves a diverse parish in an urban priority area, and the congregation is drawn from a wide variety of walks of life. Ethnic minorities, particularly from African and Caribbean countries, are well represented. It is a church where many have found a welcome, including those who have had little contact with the church prior to coming to Immanuel.


Ministry and Mission: sent to serve

Our principal activity is to worship God, to try to get to know and love him better, and to try to help others to do the same. Prayer, the sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion) and listening to scripture and to teaching about it are some of the ways we get to know God better. Loving God often involves service to one another and the wider community.

Why "Ministry" and "Mission"? These are "church jargon" words - although they are also used by politicians and in business! In practical terms, "Ministry" and "Mission" can mean much the same thing. Both mean "what we do" - but they do bring out different things about it. The word "Ministry" means service, and what we do is aimed at serving - serving God, serving one another, and serving the wider community. But we do this, not just because we think it is a good thing to do, but because Jesus sent us to do it - it is our mission. The word "mission" means something we are sent to do. Jesus said to his disciples, 'As the Father has sent me, so I send you." (John 20:21) - they, and we, are to continue his work of teaching, serving and proclaiming the good news of God's love and grace.

We have summed up our mission with the phrase 'Knowing Jesus, making him known' - our summary Mission Statement, which appears near the top of every page of our website. Click on the phrase to go to our Mission Statement Page to find out more. Knowing Jesus, making him known is what Immanuel and St Andrew Church is all about.

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Photo of Immanuel and St. Andrew Church (1148a.jpg)

Looking towards Immanuel and St. Andrew Church from Streatham Common

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