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The Parish Church of Immanuel and St Andrew, Streatham

Registered Charity 1131245
452 Streatham High Road · London · SW16 3PY  ·  Tel: (020) 8679 6888


There are some notes below the picture.

The banners in Immanuel and St. Andrew's Church (N0397.jpg)
Immanuel and St. Andrew Church - the banners over the altar


The banners

The embroidered panels, or banners, which hang above the altar were made by Juliet Hemingray and were given in in 1995 in memory of the parents of a church member. On them, the gold at the top represents the glory of God, with the dove the symbol of the Holy Spirit. The net and the fish remind us that several of the disciples were fishermen, including St Andrew, whose name is part of the dedication of the church.

The background, with its trees on green hills, has echoes of the 'green hill far away' and the crucifixion, but primarily it represents our parish. The water, green grass and trees recall the Common, which is such a prominent and pleasant part of the parish, while the dark, almost sinister, buildings in the distance remind us that our parish is part of an inner city area where thousands of people live and work, and they are the main focus of our ministry and mission.

Jesus called his disciples to 'fish for people' (Mark 1:17) and the fish in the net represent those who, though the mission of the disciples, are being brought to Jesus. However, it is not a disciple who holds the net but the dove, the Holy Spirit. The mission is not just ours, as his disciples, but God's, and the work is done, not in our strength, but in the Spirit's power. The overall picture is of people from all parts of the parish, green hills and city streets, being drawn by the Spirit into the glory and presence of God.

(Notes by David Gray 2004 )

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The altar, cross and banners at Immanuel and St. Andrew Church (N0388a.jpg)
The altar at Immanuel and St. Andrew Church with cross and banners.

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