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The Parish Church of Immanuel and St Andrew, Streatham

Registered Charity 1131245
452 Streatham High Road · London · SW16 3PY  ·  Tel: (020) 8679 6888


Photo of the new frontage of Immanuel and St. Andrew Church and Hall (1313.jpg)
The new frontage of Immanuel and St. Andrew Church and Hall


After months when the members of Immanuel and St Andrew Church had effectively been working and worshipping on a building site the refurbished church hall together with the new lounge ("The Common Room"), new hall entrance area, and upgraded kitchen, as well as the extensive repairs to the tower carried out at the same time, were formally accepted from the contractors, Wallis, on 15th July 2002. Everyone who has commented has been impressed with the transformation to the buildings - visit the Hall Hire pages for some more photographs and see what has been done, or the Church Hall Renewal Project Photo Album to see photos of the work as it progressed.

The project was formally rededicated and opened by Rt Revd Tom Butler, Bishop of Southwark on Sunday 8th September 2002 in the presence of a number of distinguished guests including the Mayor of Lambeth, Councillor June Fewtrell, and Keith Hill, MP for Streatham. We were also pleased to see a number of friends and former members of the church at the service, as well as Brian Anderson, our architect, and Alan Pearson, site agent for Wallis, our contractors, who had both made such a huge contribution to the project.


The Church Hall Renewal Project had been in the planning stages for several years. The hall is used by a large number of community groups and private individuals as well as the church, but extensive maintenance work was needed on the 42-year-old building, and the kitchen and toilets were in a poor state. It was intended to refurbish these and create a new entrance area and lounge, as well as improving access including providing a toilet for disabled people.

Most of the funding was to come from the proceeds of sale of two halls that had belonged to the former St Andrew's Church which closed in 1988 and amalgamated with Immanuel. In addition, however, the Immanuel congregation raised a magnificent 56,000 from donations and fundraising activities, and grants totalling a further 25,000 were received from the Bridge House Estates Trust and Lambeth Endowed Charities, to whom the church is very grateful. Purcell Miller Tritton acted as architects for the project and Wallis, a division of Kier Regional Ltd., were awarded the contract after competitive tendering at the end of 2001.


Altogether the resources available to the parish amounted to around 500,000 and the expected cost of the project, once the contract had been placed, was around 350,000. The balance was to be held as a "reserve" against future projects and as a source of investment income, but events conspired against this.

During 2001 there was a small fall of masonry from the church tower. The tower, which was then 137 years old, is one of the few parts of the 19th century church building remaining. Most of the church had been rebuilt in 1988 at the same time as the amalgamation with St Andrew's. It was obvious repairs would have to be made urgently, in the interests of public safety, before more stonework fell, and it was expected that the cost would be met from the "reserve". The initial estimate, however, received early in 2002 for what amounted to a major restoration, was around 250,000, far more than was available.


Following extensive discussions with all concerned the work was respecified to cover only what was essential, particularly having public safety in mind. The architects advised that considerable savings of money and time could be made by giving the work to Wallis, who by then were on site. Despite the fact that this would amount to a non-competitive contract the work could be done while the hall project was in progress and, if it was completed within the same timescale, there would be substantial savings in site preliminary and supervision costs.

The work was accordingly put in hand with Wallis. The necessary faculty from the church authorities was obtained rapidly, with full co-operation from all concerned. Scaffold was erected around the tower in record time. The work on the tower was completed while the work on the hall continued. The whole enlarged project - hall and tower - took just under 6 months and only two weeks longer than the original contract period - the delay being due not to the tower but to problems with the hall, including the discovery of asbestos.


The final cost of the work was within the available resources - just - although all but about 3000 of the intended "reserve" was used up. The total cost, including some advance work done before the main contract was let, was just over 590,000. Immanuel has reason to praise God, not only for the newly refurbished hall, but because the essential urgent work on the tower could be carried out promptly and without recourse to further fundraising or loans which would have placed a burden on the parish for years to come.

Photo of Immanuel and St. Andrew's refurbished Church Hall (1231.jpg)
Immanuel and St. Andrew's refurbished Church Hall - for more pictures of the inside see the Hall Hire page, or for pictures of the work as it progressed see the Church Hall Renewal Project Photo Album.

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Photo of Immanuel and St. Andrew's Church with scaffold around the tower (0715a.jpg) - click for the Hall Renewal Project Photo Album
Scaffold surrounds the tower of Immanuel and St. Andrew's Church

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