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The Parish Church of Immanuel and St Andrew, Streatham

Registered Charity 1131245
452 Streatham High Road · London · SW16 3PY  ·  Tel: (020) 8679 6888

RESOURCES for Christian living

The 'Faith, hope and charity' window at Immanuel and St. Andrew Church (N0426a.jpg)

We hope you will find something to help you in this section, perhaps with prayer, reading the Bible, worship in Church or some other part of your Christian life. Follow the links on the left or in the panel below, where you will find more information.

The picture is of the 'Faith, hope and charity' window at Immanuel and St Andrew Church. Click or tap the picture for an enlarged view from our photo gallery.



  • Prayer - What?, Why? and How? Hopefully everyone will find this page of some help in their prayers, but it is particularly for you if you have never prayed by yourself before, or hardly ever - or if you find prayer difficult (that's all of us at least sometimes!).
  • Prayers for you to use. A small selection of the many prayers that have been written or composed by others. You may like to use them.
  • Prayer - a brief reflection. A few words that may stimulate some thought about prayer - and encourage you to pray!
  • Formed by the Spirit. A newsletter with details of events and courses about prayer and spirituality and some resources for prayer. It is produced 3-4 times a year by the Diocesan Spiritual Formation Group. (Some previous issues are available - the events are over but you may find the resources and some of the other information in them useful. You can download issues 32, 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23 and 22.) You may need to install Adobe Reader to read or download the newsletter.
  • Prayer Tools. You can read or download copies of the "Prayer Tools" which are on laminated sheets in a folder in the Church foyer. (Some of them came from previous editions of "Formed by the Spirit" - see above.) Generally, each page is a separate "tool" - just read or print the page(s) you want. You need a space to sit, stand, kneel or possibly walk, maybe a Bible and sometimes an item such as a stone, a candle or a cross. Sometimes you need something more, like a piece of art. Apart from the "intro" set there is no common theme in the sets - they were just produced together. You may need to install Adobe Reader to read or download them.


The Bible

  • What is the Bible? An introduction - some brief notes to help you. And a list of all the books of the Bible, with page numbers and a note about what they are.
  • A Quick Read. Can't find your way around the Bible? No time? Try some of these short cuts to selected stories.


Church Life and Worship

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