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The Parish Church of Immanuel and St Andrew, Streatham

Registered Charity 1131245
452 Streatham High Road · London · SW16 3PY  ·  Tel: (020) 8679 6888

Website SITE MAP

This site map should help you find your way around our website. As well as the "Home" Page there are two other "main" pages. All the other pages (except the "Welcome" page) are associated with a "main" page from which they can be reached, either directly or indirectly. The "main" pages are:

All the other permanent pages on the site are listed below under their associated "main" page so you can see where everything fits in. "Temporary" pages - see below - are not shown.

You can go directly to any page from the list. If you need further help there are some Notes for guidance below the list.

Our Site:

The "Welcome" page - a simple introductory page with links that take you to the

Home page. Its associated pages are the main "What we do" and "More information..." pages:


Notes for guidance

There is a navigation area across the top of each page and the main pages are always accessible from the navigation area, so you can always get back to any main page from any other page. Links to the Services, What's on, Resources, Hall hire and Site map pages also appear there. The navigation area looks like this:

 Home   What we do   Services   What's on   Resources   Hall hire   More information...   Site map   Contact us... 

Depending on the width of your screen/window, it may take up more than one line.

There will also be links on the pages to any associated pages, and sometimes to other pages. Links may be within the text of the page - this Site Map is the most obvious example! Note that pages may contain links to external sites or links that enable you to download documents or similar items that are not web pages - these links are not shown above.

There is a "breadcrumb trail" in small type at the top of each page which will enable you to find your way back to the Home Page or the associated main page. The "breadcrumb trail" enables you to "retrace your steps" to the Home page and "Welcome" page, though not necessarily by the way you came.

The initial "Welcome" page is a technically very simple page provided primarily to help people with old or simple browsers or other software. It does not form an essential part of the site. However, there is a link back to it in the "breadcrumb trail" on each page. Some older browsers may not show the navigation area or other parts of the pages correctly, but the "breadcrumb trail" should be visible at or near the top of the page and can be used to return to the "Welcome" page, home page or a main page. You should then be able to reach other parts of the site using the links in the body of the pages.

"Temporary" pages such as a "News" page will appear from time to time - they will contain news or announcements that become out of date or irrelevant after a short time and they are then removed. They will normally have only one link to them, typically from the "What's on" page. The link will be deleted when the page is removed. "Temporary" pages are not shown in the Site Map above.

The aim has been to ensure the site is accessible, particularly to those with impaired vision who may use screen reader software to convert visual material to sound. The webmaster would be grateful for any comments from such users and others with an interest in Web accessibility as to how well this aim has been achieved. There is an e-mail address on the Who's Who page.

If you have problems navigating the site please do contact the webmaster.

Links to the main pages are at the TOP of the page.

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Photo of Immanuel and St. Andrew's Church (1308.jpg) Immanuel and St. Andrew's Church building from the north east.
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